Why Are Motherboards Green?

If we talk about the electronic devices then you can get different types of elements there. The motherboards are becoming the most important part here. Everyone needs to make sure that the condition of motherboard is perfect. It is the main part of all types of device and managing the functions.

In case the mother is going to be affected then no one can avoid the issues. Some individuals want to know why are motherboards green.

In case you are going to check out such factors carefully then you may find that all types of computer motherboards or other types of electronic circuit boards are associated with green color only. Due to it, some want to what the special about green color is.

green motherboards

Major reason

The biggest reason behind it is the structure of motherboard. Mainly the motherboard is associated with different types of factors. Generally, these factors are polymer. All types of electronic boards are completed with the coating of a specific polymer named as solder mask. It helps in providing protection and insulating the printed copper traces. Due to it, you can find green motherboards more. All these things are becoming useful during the process of soldering.

Properties of solder mask

The coating of solder mask insulates and protects the specific part of motherboard where soldering is not becoming essential during assembling. When it comes to the silk screen printing then the solder mask becomes an important factor.

Why only green?

Everyone can easily understand all these factors but they want to know why the experts are choosing only green color. When it comes to choose color of your motherboard then green becomes first preference. The reason is tradition. From the previous time, the companies are using this particular color only.

If you are going to find any kind of specific reason then you cannot find any. Due to it, some companies are trying to manufacture motherboards with the use of some other colors. The most important factor is related to the availability of some specific properties in the color.

Other colors

All individuals need to be focused on various elements when it comes to the selection of color. Mostly motherboards are green in color. Some companies are trying to use red, yellow and blue color now. By it, they are trying to provide a unique identity to their products. It is not less than an experiment.