What is an audio receiver used for?

The Basic function of an audio receiver is to receive the audio signals from many sources and process them to drive to the loudspeakers. Generally, the inputs include, satellite receiver, radio, DVD players, etc.

This function of an audio receiver is the same in-home theater as well as any other stereo system. An audio receiver used for interpretation of the signals and the amplification of the signals and sends them to the output devices. This article covers the ultimate usage of an audio amplifier. All the best av receiver for music will have the following components. They are:

  • Audio inputs
  • Preamplifier
  • Outputs

The process

The way in which the audio travels is very simple. It has a source component and it feeds signal to a receiver unit. Through the input component, processing the audio will be delivered through the output unit. The preamplifier selects these Signals and amplifier aligns its line level to a small extent.

The receiver sends the audio to the decoder. The decoder will sort out the different sound channels and send the information to the amplifier for the particular sound channel output. The amplifiers have their connection with the appropriate speakers.

audio receiver

Digital decoders and analogue decoders

Both have an entirely different process. The process is very simple in digital surround sound. During the production of the digital sound surround, separate audio channels are produced that is balanced for a speaker set up specifically. The digital surround sound decoder will recognize these different channels and sends them to the appropriate speaker.

In an analogue surround sound, different channels are extracted from two standard audio channels that which helps in making up an ordinary stereo signal. There is a popular way of calling it and that is 4- 2 -4 processing. The encoder will take the rear and front channels and work them into ordinary stereo channels and again the surround sound decoder separate 4 channels.

The receiver is also called an amplifier which consists of a built-in radio tuner. As we have seen earlier audio receiver is used for the amplification of the audio signal and passing through the corresponding video signal to a display device. The display devices may be a projector or television.

In today’s market, home entertainment options have expanded. This has led to the expansion in the role of a receiver. The ability is more now as a variety of digital audio signals are added. Surround sound amplifier is also more in number. You might have noticed video switching which is used to change from one device to another.

Using surround sound receiver to differentiate the multi-channel audio receiver from the simple stereo receiver. However, both of them do the same job that is amplification.

The other names of audio receivers are a digital audio receiver or Digital media renderer. Traditionally audio receivers are classified as audio frequency electric amplifier. Now several other additional features have added the functionality of the audio receiver.