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Lately I am trying to see just how far the bass rabbit hole goes... apparently its pretty fucking deep. I work on multiple genres, but as of right now I am on a drumstep tip, find me a in a month and I might be onto a breakbeat or a 4x4, not sure where this music is going but I know that it all contains bass. I have been making music for 15 years... 10 of them I have spent doing electronic music. Started off doing live pa, then progressed to djing and now progressing further into production. I do a lot of renegade type marketing and always down to share ideas or hear new ones... dont be a stranger, we are all here to network, if you like what I am doing then show some love and hit me up....If you really want to help me out, then let me know and I will arm you with cds for the next electronic event you are attending.

SOFTWARE/HARDWARE??? I am currently using Ableton with Massive plugged in. I also use a UC 33 and a Mac Book Pro running 4 gigs of ram. I have a set of Dynaudios that I think I just finally figured out how to use(LOL I bet some of you know what I mean). I just thought some people would like to know what I am working with. This is this type of shit I would be interested in if I was talking to another producer. I am looking to upgrade to an apc40 in the near future, and possibly a sub to go with the dynaudios. Other than that I am set on gear. If you have session files that you would like to collaborate on then by all means get in touch with me for the ableton version and massive versions that I currently have installed and I will take over and finish your track.

PLAYING LIVE?? When I play live I like to use vinyl(serato) or CDs. I have not used ableton out yet, not sure if I am comfortable with just using a laptop. I think for now I am going to stick with the old school format as much as possible. Also understand that I edit every track I play, my first choice is serato with vinyl, followed by cds. I hate spinning cds because you never know if they are going to skip, even brand new ones I have seen skip before. I am hoping in the near future to basically keep the old school style format.

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Digital Bill
Release Date - 30/06/2011
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