Acid Sam (Portugal)

Dubstep / House

Text is provided by the artist:

Real name: Semen Kislyy
DOB: 30.11.1988

Born in Russia near Moskow, emigrated to Portugal with parents at age 13. Since that time, never left Portugal.
Actualy I have no official music education, all studied by myself.
I started learning to produce sound in renoise tracker in late 2008.
When I had basic knowledge of track composing, I started making tracks.
Since 2008 I never stopped experimenting with styles. I have nice tracks in Techno House, Electro House styles.
Some of the tracks you can find on youtube or facebook. Its possible that some of the tracks will be released in future.
Also I have experience in making, Dutch Hardcore, Idm, Uk Happy Hardcore, Fidget House tracks.
Since my dad died in march of this year because of job accident I started making dubstep and drum n bass tracks
and they are good! Soon I will have banging stuff that DnB fans must like.

In 2009 I played hardtechno and minimal techno in local pubs, so I have experience as a DJ....

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Artist Releases

Electro House
Black EP
Acid Sam
Release Date - 21/11/2012
Hard House
Digipunk LP (Special Edition)
Acid Sam
Release Date - 22/09/2011
Electro House
Half EP
Acid Sam
Release Date - 07/08/2012
Dubstep, Drum & Bass, House, Techno
Massakra + Remixes
Acid Sam
Release Date - 27/04/2012
One Day
Acid Sam
Release Date - 07/09/2011
Un Rayo De Sol
Acid Sam
Release Date - 02/06/2011
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