Are You Deaf ? (Iceland)

Drum and Bass

Text is provided by the artist:

Are You Deaf ? is a drum and bass/dubstep producer from the land of fire and ice,at the age of 17 he got introduced to a little application called fasttracker 2 and was drawn into the world of music making,drum and bass has always been the first thing he loved,after countless years of producing for himself he decided to start a family and put his dream to the side.

he finally emerged from his slumber in 2012 dedicated on working even harder on proving himself within the drum and bass genre...

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Artist Releases

Drum and Bass
Between Heaven and Hell EP
Are You Deaf ?
Release Date - 10/01/2014
Got To Be Funky
Are You Deaf ?
Release Date - 15/12/2014
Invading Hell
Are You Deaf ?
Release Date - 13/06/2014
Drum & Bass, Electronica
The Calm Before The Storm (Album)
Are You Deaf ?
Release Date - 25/03/2016
Drum and Bass
You Forgot My Brain EP
Are You Deaf ?
Release Date - 16/09/2013
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