Mahony (UK)

Electro House

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Mahony is a dance music/producer from the Bristol area. He has a huge range of musical tastes all influenced buy many dance artists such as the Stanton warriors, Zinc, Plump DJ’s, Chemical Brothers, Booka Shade, right through to other artists such Annie lennex and The Beetles. His main Focus is on the genres around the 120 – 140 bpm range fusing together House and breaks with his own musical interpretations, in the hopes of bringing something new to the table.
He first became aware of the dance music scene at a young age in the early 90’s when some of his older friends started giving him mix tapes from nights such as Dreamscape, Helter skelter and cocoon. From there he was hooked and soon went on to get his first set of decks at the age of 12. 
After going through college and Uni he found a music production course where he first met many like-minded friends and producers, such as Dangerboy, Luke Da Knee and Kinetics. From their Luke Da Knee, Dangerboy and Mahony went on to form the Breakwhores.
Producing his own brand of dance music and being part of the Breakwhores Mahony then went onto play at many nights in the Bristol area at clubs such as The Thekla, Blue mountain, Clockwork, Lakota and Timbuk 2, to name a few. Whilst playing at these various nights he got to play with some of dance music finest such as Dreadzone, Tayo, B.L.I.M, Jason Kaye (Top Buzz), Shut up and dance, Mampi Swift, EZ rollers and Drop the lime.
During this period Mahony honed his production skills and got his first release on Kinetic Groove UK, with a remix of The Brains “Deeper to that place”. A few Months on he followed with his own release “M’s Way” again on Kinetic Groove UK. A huge remixes soon followed by The Brain. Both Tunes reached publications such as Mix Mag but received little praise.

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Artist Releases

House, Dubstep, Breakbeat
City Slickers + Remixes
Release Date - 23/04/2013
Breaks , Electro House
Geht's Rebondir EP
Release Date - 14/02/2014
Electro House
Give It What You Got
Release Date - 01/11/2011
Electro House
Smack House EP
Release Date - 03/08/2012
Electro House
Something Strange
Release Date - 03/06/2011
Electro House
Release Date - 07/10/2013
Stay Sharp
Release Date - 09/01/2013
Electro House
This Life After Next
Release Date - 09/08/2011
Dirty Electro House
Where's Your Child
Release Date - 09/03/2012
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