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A DJ/Producer/Remixer from the the dirty south, DJ Element aka White Bread has been steadily building his own unique DJ style for years. Known for party rocking dance floors, tireless promoting, remixing and blending music. DJ Element has been in the MIXXX since 1998, and has performed in just about every bar/club in the area and has also performed in Orlando among other cities. His captivating sound spans the eras and blends genres of body-rockin' music. He will seamlessly segue from breakbeats, electro, hi-energy house, dutch, trap, dubstep, drum&bass and glitch hop to classic dance floor jams, hip hop, top40/pop, rock remixes and mashups to throwback, '80s, pop freestyle and he might even play a little indie disco if the mood is right. And let's not forget the always popular booty shake. Element helped establish Surefire Music. He can be found most weekends in the mix in a bar, club, festival or party somewhere along the east coast. For DJ Element Bookings -

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Artist Releases

Dubstep / Breakbeat
All They Wanna Do
DJ Element aka White Bread
Release Date - 04/12/2012
Industrial Strength
DJ Element aka White Bread
Release Date - 29/01/2016
Electro House
That Sound, Crossing Lines
DJ Element aka White Bread
Release Date - 27/09/2013
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