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I am a 17 year old producer from Fort Worth, Texas, and I have been making EDM for about five years. I started by layering loops of drums and melodies in the sound editing program "Audacity", and soon wanted to create my own sounds rather than take someone elses. Therefore, I began using Ableton Live and I still use it today. I've made many different genres, ranging from trance, to dark electro, to house, and about eight months ago, I was introduced to Dubstep. The first Dubstep song I had ever heard was "Piano Tune" by Bar 9, and that was the song that truly influenced me to begin making Dubstep involving a melodic chorus, but with huge drops and monster Basses. Ever since, I have been utilizing my skill from all of my past genres and blending them all together into one sound that truly defines "Reakt!on".

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Artist Releases

Hi, I'm Reakt!on E.P
Release Date - 07/11/2012
Dubstep, House, D&B
The Meaning
Release Date - 09/12/2013
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